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Sometimes you may want to pass us information that we cannot process. As we are not the police, make sure you know what information you can give to us. Find out what information we cannot process »

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Our events provide an opportunity to network with coaches, businesses, law enforcement and community groups. They encourage collaborative working and have an impact on local communities.

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Regional Conferences
We hold seminars on a quarterly basis throughout the year which provide an open platform for our key supporters, stakeholders and partners to engage with their local committees and find out about our upcoming regional activities and events. Motivational speakers, together with key representatives from law enforcement, corporate partners and community groups, take part in these events to engage in their fight against Anti-Social Behavior (ASB) and Crime, at local and national levels.

Sponsorship events
We raise valuable funds from events, but there are also many other ways to raise money for the charity. Click Here to Donate!
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  We host events across local and national levels.
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