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The main aims of the HITA Violence Reduction Strategy are to reduce the level of violent crime and to improve the perception of the level of violent crime by those living in the society.

A coordinated strategy will assist in the pursuing of HITA's overarching aim of identifying where violence is most common, identifying and bringing to justice perpetrators, and providing effective and appropriate service for victims of violence.

Do you think these are the right overall aims for the strategy?
Yes | No If not, what do you think the overall aims should be?
Question 2
The priorities of the HITA Violence Reduction Strategy are:
• To prevent adults and young people from using, or engaging in or becoming victims of violence
• Intervening where necessary to provide appropriate and widely available services to help people who have problems with violence and for their victims and families.
• To take robust enforcement actions those committing or enabling violence in public or private spaces
• To provide effective rehabilitation and treatment programmes for those within the criminal justice system who have been convicted of violent offences

Do you agree with these objectives?
Yes | No
Question 3
What do you think the best way is to reduce violence? Please tick: *
Prevention e.g. By providing education in schools and college, multi-agency activities, training of staff working in the night time economy.

Intervention e.g. Support the fitting and use of CCTV equipment in town centres, Identification and dealing with premises linked to violence in the night time economy, Use of Acceptable Behaviour Contracts(ABCs) and Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) on violent offenders

By enforcement e.g. Development of local groups to tackle violent crime, Support development of a consistent age verification scheme, Ensure data is collected and shared between partner agencies

By rehabilitation e.g. Ensuring offenders are held accountable for the impact of their offending, Support the development of services to address offending behaviour, Combination of the above

Combination of the above
Question 4
In question 2 we have described a number of priorities for HITA in relation to reducing violence.

Is there anything that is missing from these priorities? Please highlight which of the headings this should come under - prevention, intervention, enforcement or rehabilitation

Question 5
Are there any other services/activities which you think would reduce violence? Please select yes or no:

Activites for young people: Yes | No
Youth clubs: Yes | No
Support for families: Yes | No
Campaigns highlighting the dangers of carrying knives: Yes | No
More services to address drink related violence: Yes | No

Is there anything we should add to the service in your area? Please highlight which of the headings should come under - prevention, intervention, enforcement or rehabilitation.

Question 6
Is there anything that you expected to see in the strategy or think is missing? Please provide details

Question 7
What do you think of the strategy? Please select yes or no:
Is easy to understand? Yes | No
Should make reference to Legislation? Yes | No
Should explain how it will deliver the Local Area Agreement (LAA) outcomes? Yes | No
Question 8
Should we be doing anything differently? Do you have any idea about how we could be doing something better? Let us know

Question 9
Do you think that remedies for Violence Reduction should be:
Short term: Yes | No
Targeted: Yes | No
Sustainable: Yes | No
In Partnership: Yes | No
A combination of the above: Yes | No
Question 10
Please use this space to add any other comments in relation to the HITA Violence Reduction Strategy.

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