Fake Official Documents


In recent years, there has been an alarming rise in the production and purchase of fake official documents worldwide. These include fake academic certificates, visas, passports, etc.

How To Identify Fake Official Documents: Fake documents are difficult to identify, as the fraudsters go to great lengths to make their documents LOOK as authentic as the real one.
- Spelling Errors: Spelling errors are a reliable indication that a document is not valid.
- Lack of official stamps / official seals: Official documents come with official seals or stamps. These may be embossed, stamped or raised seals.
- Paper quality: What is the paper quality of the document? Are there any security features?
- A variety of fonts used: The majority of official documents do not use more than three or four font styles.
- Alignment: Official documents are generally aligned down the centre of the page. ‘Cut and paste’ techniques on documents often make mistakes in the alignment.
- Handwriting: If there is hand-writing on an official document there should generally be no more than one style of handwriting. Also, there should be no alternations or corrections on the document.
- Scanned signatures: Scanned signatures have often been taken from websites or scanned from other documents. The signatures will be pixelated. On genuine documents this will not be the case.
- Informal or inaccurate language: The language used on official documents is often very formal. Read the text carefully and ensure that it makes sense and that the correct grammar has been used.
- Awarding bodies: Can the institution in question award that given qualification? Is the institution accredited? Any document whose authenticity cannot be verified or validated with the appropriate authorities is clearly fake! It takes a lot of experience and research to be able to identify bogus or fake documents. Should you come across a fake document, or anyone you have reason to believe is producing fake documents, contact us and report anonymously: Click Here

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