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Why partner with us?
Partnering with HITA is a great way for businesses to help prevent themselves from being victims of crime, while demonstrating corporate social responsibility. Be our partner in crime » Click Here

Our current partners
There are companies that have chosen to partner with HITA. Each partnership has clearly defined aims and objectives with a personalized program based on business priorities. See our current partners » Click Here

What it means to be a partner
Several companies have chosen to work with HITA. These are the reasons they have given:

Measuring Impact
Each partnership has clearly defined aims and objectives. Each program is based on business priorities. We offer deterrents for every type of crime.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Business and communities share the same concerns about criminal and anti-social behavior as potential victims.

Brand Partnership
HITA enjoys a solid relationship with law enforcement agencies, crime reporters and correspondents.
Other Supporters
Trusts and Foundations
• Unrestricted donations allow us to develop our Services
• Restricted donations allow us to target key crime issues through campaigns, projects and partnership working.

Police and Crime Commissioners

Statutory Bodies
Local Councils and State agencies are pivotal to us in supporting the prevention, reduction and detection of crime.

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